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MAKEDONIKI-PANIDIS, was founded in 1974 and at present is one of the most dynamic and reliable Greek industrial units of producing accessories for aluminum systems and aluminum railings. The company fully synchronized in mechanical equipment and continuously investing in human resources and know how, covers a wide range of needs of the aluminum sector. Aiming at further developing new innovative high-quality products with the purpose of dynamic presence in foreign markets, as well as the maximum coverage of the needs of its customers, created a sophisticated unit equipped with the latest generation machining centers, as well as anodization, innovating in the Greek market and following the requirements of modern industrial production.

The wide variety of designs, the simple technical applications and the use of pure aluminum for their production constitute a comparative advantage, ensuring even greater strength in areas with particular weather conditions.

In the category of accessories, our company offers a wide range of products which meet the needs of the market (hinges, handles, pivoting handles, mechanisms, etc) either in powder coating or anodizing, with utter speed in delivery times.

Having as an object the distinction and the consolidation of our company at the international competitive environment, all the human resources MAKEDONIKI-PANIDIS strive to ensure the high quality of its products and services.


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